Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Quick Tour Of Tyrhingham, Massachusetts

Our hike up Tyringham Cobble was over and it had been nice mini-adventure for a wintry Monday afternoon. I loaded Fergus and Seamus back into the car and we drove back down to the town of Tyringham, Massachusetts to begin our drive home. But the homes in Tyringham were very "old New England" as well as large and expensive. So I decided that I couldn't drive away without snapping a few photos of town's buildings. This first house is at the foot of the hill which leads up to Tyringham Cobble:

Even the Post Office was distinctive, a natural stone building with red tile roof:

Three houses near the Post Office:

A very well cared for home with a carriage house and privacy fence, with Tyringham Cobble in the background:

Only a short distance from the "town" (if a collection of 5 or 6 homes could be called such), the houses became more countrified:

And many, perhaps most, had barns. This home's barn was attached in the old New England manner which took the rugged winters into consideration:

Large sugar maples alongside the road, with a spacious country home and barn:

This house struck me as very much like the Shaker buildings in nearby Lebanon, New York and Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Perhaps there is a connection by way of the architects:

The lawns were huge and no doubt were cow pastures and hay fields not too long ago:

This home was so huge that it could have been an institution of some sort. It also had a look reminiscent of Shaker architecture:

Quintessential old rural New England:

A beautiful home, but I was even more impressed by its huge and ancient sugar maples:

And finally, a barn which was still used to house horses. This was the last photo I took. Our hike was over and it was time to get back to Albany and finish my day. I still had several hours of chorus practice that evening:

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