Saturday, March 27, 2010

A New Plant, A Blue Rose?

I was walking through the house plant/flower department of a large grocery store recently when I noticed a potted plant covered with tiny blue rose blossoms. I was amazed that such a thing existed and checked for more information. There was none, but the sign called them Campanula. I purchased one immediately:

I brought the plant home and began searching the internet. I discovered that it is called Blue Rose Campanula, a variety of the Blue Bellflower plants, of which there are many cultivated varieties and at least one wild variety growing locally:

Information is very difficult to come by, but it appears that these little rose-like plants are hardy in zone four (down to -34) and are propagated by dividing the roots and replanting. I bought a second plant and may get brave and plant them outdoors soon:

Many years ago I purchased the tiny teacup roses often sold in stores for Valentine's Day but they always died. A greenhouse man later told me that they are super hardy outdoors and commonly grown in Canada but "nobody can get them to live indoors." I tried them outdoors and they did well except that their tiny size meant they were soon overrun by weeds. Perhaps these little guys are similar. Does anybody reading this know more about these little plants?:


  1. Does great outdoors, either in a planter or as ground cover.

  2. very hardy, not at all like teacup roses.