Monday, March 8, 2010

Hiking Tyringham Cobble - Part 4

The dogs and I had reached the first overlook on Tyringham Cobble and they seemed overjoyed to be there. The drop off wasn't as precipitous as many to which we've hiked in the Taconics and Catskills, so I wasn't much worried about silly puppies falling off. Fergus, being shall we say a bit hyper-active, was in no mood to be decorous anyway. As you can tell by this shot, he was in full romp mode:

I thought we'd reached the very top of the cobble but soon we began heading upward once again:

And upward we climbed, with a view of the town of Tyringham deep in the valley below us:

The little town of Tyringham is mostly a string of houses along the single road below. It runs through the valley with Berkshire Mountains on each side of it. The view was very pleasant as we continued climbing higher:

This unusually shaped birch tree was growing at the edge of the clearing. It would be right at home in the Catskills, but I shouldn't be surprised as those haunted looking mountains are just over the State line. This would be a fine scene for a Halloween moonlight hike:

A bit farther along I thought that this surely must be the highest point on the cobble:

Looking out over the valley, the town and the Berkshires beyond:

Suddenly the trail dropped back down into the woods:

The terrain became more rocky and the snow, being at a higher elevation and in the shade of the trees, became deeper. The silence seemed to deepen:

The trail dipped down into a rocky depression but then began heading upward once again into an area of pines and skylight. It was stunning. But even so, we had lots of cobble yet to hike. I'll post more photos in days to come:

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