Friday, March 12, 2010

Hiking Tyringham Cobble - Part 6

At this point, the dogs and I had passed the peak of Tyringham Cobble and arrived at the point where we would return to the trail head by angling down through an overgrown field:

As we emerged from the woods, the route back down toward the road seemed to be visible:

We continued hiking downhill as the dogs sniffed for signs of wildlife and I dreamed of how I'd like to pasture cattle here as had been done years ago:

Apple trees still bore fruit in this former farm field and some of the fruit had lasted right through the winter:

Looking back toward where we'd emerged from the woods:

A crab apple with fruit still attached. With all this fruit available, it appears that the local wildlife has had an easy winter:

We passed out of the field and back into a woodland. And then with a "woof!" the dogs announced the source of the noises and wood smoke I'd noticed early. Three loggers had been clearing a fallen tree but had decided to build a fire and take a break. They were happy to see a couple of friendly, playful dogs:

After a brief chat, we continued down an increasingly steep and slippery slope toward the trail head. This is the fallen tree the logging crew was working on. They were resting just the other, uphill side of it:

Soon we approached what seemed to be the cow pasture where we'd begun:

We passed the spot where the loggers had parked, but that turned out not to be the field with the trail head. You can see the classic New England church spire in the town of Tyringham below. We were almost back to the car, but there's yet one more post before we reach it:

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