Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Stark Easement Canoe Carry - Part 2

The dogs and I were exploring the shoreline of the Raquette River, at the end of the canoe carry, and it was scenic indeed:

There were Common Blue Damselflies galore in the Alders at the water's edge:

And in keeping with the blue theme, there were ripe blueberries everywhere. I ate a few:

Fergus and Seamus went back into the water:

Jack smiled up at me from beneath the blueberry bushes as if asking if he could get wet too. He did go in:

Clover and Daphne went in the water - and yes, that is Jack, partially hidden by the foliage, in the water with them:

Meanwhile, I just looked across the water and appreciated the beauty:

Seamus, dripping wet, came over to say hello and shake water all over me:

And then we started back up the trail toward our parked car. I tripped and fell once, but wasn't hurt. I limped for a few minutes until my ankles began working properly again. Life with braces and damaged ankles has its inconveniences:

A moss covered side trail beckoned us farther into the forest for a side trip, but the deer flies soon changed my mind and we returned to the canoe carry trail:

We again passed by the power lines and I renewed my vow to walk up there and follow them in the autumn:

Clover and Daphne couldn't wait. They began running up the trail and had to be called back. I put leashes on the dogs as we crossed the access road, and soon we were back at our parked car:

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