Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hot Summertime In The North Country

It's been a busy summer here in the North Country, but love continues to bloom inside the pigeon coop. These two white fantail pigeons, for instance, cuddle, coo and raise babies:

The neighbors' barn was getting decrepit so they hired an Amish man to remove that section on the right. He began by completely severing the two parts of the barn, from the concrete floor to the steel roof - all by hand. You can see his carriage and lumber wagon parked in front:

And while I was taking pictures of their barn, the two oldest boys went for a climb on the hay wagon:

My Tall Garden Phlox began blooming, at least one of the colors. I believe the other color will bloom later:

The apples are growing but look a bit diseased. That's OK, the cattle will still love them:

The Rugosa Roses slowed their blossoming, yet will continue throughout the summer:

And the chickens are everywhere, atop the fence for instance:

And beside the barn, next to the blossoming Elderberries:

On the driveway, between the barn and the house:

And giving Seamus something to watch:

I have lots of Meadowlarks, but they are shy and only seen at a distance, recognized by the two white stripes on their tales. They always looked plain brown, and I've wondered about the pictures of them with lovely yellow breasts. Well, I found one dead, just outside the barn door one day - and the pictures of the yellow breast were true. Furthermore, the brown, black and white pattern on its back was an intricate lacy design, surely as beautiful as the yellow. Notice the two white tail stripes:

Every now and then on a hot day, I'll put down two birdbaths for the fantail pigeons. It sure makes them happy:

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