Thursday, August 28, 2014

Red Poll Cattle Photos

The girls have been looking good this summer and lots of the neighbors have commented on their beauty:

When the pastures began getting low on grass, I threw out a bale of hay - and because the apples were falling early, I poured some of them atop the hay:

Was my hay/apple mix a hit? You bet it was!:

Scarlett even brought little Rosella over to the feast:

Little Rosella was still on a milk diet, but she scampered and played while the big cows ate:

Everything is new, exciting and fun for a little calf:

She sometimes tries to nibble at grass, but in the end she always returns to her mother's milk:

Instead of feeding hay in the middle of summer, I opened up a section of field for the cows to graze in. That made them very happy:

Jasmine got bigger and wider, passing the end of the normal cow gestation period but her udder hadn't even filled up yet. I was perplexed:

I always took lots of photos of Rosella, my first calf:

One day, Scarlett brought her daughter into the barn to play while she ate a bit of grain. It became a daily routine after that:

And Rosella delighted in playing with those feathered creatures she found in the field. They clucked and ran in such a fun way when she chased them:

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Clear Pond, In The White Hill Wild Forest - Part 3

We were almost back to our parked car when I stopped to let the dogs again play at the edge of Clear Pond. A couple of Purple Loosetrife bloomed there and once again I was glad to note that it no longer seems to be an invasive problem:

Pink Steeplebush was also in bloom along the water's edge:

And Clover and Daphne, with their limitless energy and enthusiasm, explored every hill and every hole in the ground:

Clover climbed out onto a rock to survey the lake. Perhaps she was looking for the Loon who was making so much noise:

We continued along the shore toward our parked car:

And I marveled at the wild beauty of the scenery:

Seamus got wet again, though it was too rocky for him to go in very deeply:

Pickerelweed bloomed all along the shore:

And the dogs continued to run, play and explore:

When we were almost back to the parking area, I called the dogs and put them on leashes:

There was only one other car in the forest, a family who was camping near the water's edge. A little girl asked if she could pet the dogs and I agreed. When she asked to pick up Clover, I allowed it, but insisted she learn to do it with plenty of support. So the dogs and I had a grand day at a lovely, wild lake, and a little girl learned the right way to pick up a dog:

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Clear Pond, In The White Hill Wild Forest - Part 2

We were hiking along Clear Pond in the White Hill Wild Forest. Clover and Daphne were having a grand time:

And I was finding the wild scenery to be magnificent:

Seamus led the way down to the water, but only Daphne and he actually went in:

Pickerelweed bloomed near the shore and between the rocks:

I turned away from the water's edge and back uphill into the forest, where more joyful running and jumping over logs told me the dogs were happy, happy, happy:

The pooches slowed down occasionally to look around and sniff the landscape:

And I saw a whole patch of Indian Pipe, a flowering, parasitic plant without chlorophyll:

Daphne stood next to two Indian Pipe plants while Clover watched from atop a rock in the background:

And then we continued on through the forest, headed back toward where we'd begun:

We returned to the water's edge, where the happy dogs once again got their toes wet and played:

Clover and Daphne ate a lot of green grass, but I've become accustomed to that. It doesn't seem to hurt them and they sure do enjoy it. But our little hike was not over yet. I'll post part 3 tomorrow: